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An excellent free tool to create digital post-it notes for your desktop

7 Sticky Notes in an excellent free tool to create notes, messages, and alerts using a high-quality post-it look and feel. Your notes can contain text and/or images, and you can apply your favorite color, font, and level of transparency to them. Besides, the program’s notes manager will let you have full control of all the notes you have created, modified, or deleted.

This is probably one of the easiest and most flexible ‘post-it’ tools I have come across so far. It comes with just the right amount of settings and utilities – enough to make the most of your digital sticky notes without getting lost in the process. Most of the settings available needs to be dealt with just once, and only if the ones offered by the program do not make you happy. All the basic operations (create note, show note, etc.) can be performed using the default key combinations, or using your preferred shortcuts.

If you do not want your notes to look like the classic yellow post-it stickers we all know and love, you can apply specific visual effects to your notes, such as shadows, transparency effects, fade in and fade out and slide in and slide out effects, together with your favorite background color.

Notes can be visible at all times, they can be brought up front when needed, or you can apply alarms and “wake-up” sounds to them, so that they remind you of all your important dates and events.

All data related to your sticky notes are carefully saved into an MDB (Microsoft Access) database. Here you will find not only the text of the note, but all the settings and preferences attached to it. This database is visible within the program via the “Notes Manager”, where you can view, organize, and even export your notes. The database itself can be backed up and restored from the program’s options dialog, as well as synchronized with the notes created by other users – yes, 7 Sticky Notes supports network use and can also work with various desktops.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Simplicity of use
  • High-quality graphic layout
  • Includes customizable alarms for all your important events
  • You can cut and paste text, images, etc., in your notes


  • None
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